Ninth Grade Academies (NGA) Enhancement Development Project

U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences (IES) has approved MDRC to repurpose funds for the development and implementation of enhancements to NGAs in Broward County Public Schools (BCPS). This development project is a collaborative endeavor with MDRC, BCPS and Johns Hopkins University (JHU) working together.
  • NGA Enhancements will be implemented in schools selected to participate.
  • Professional learning for NGA teacher leaders and administrators.
  • Seven schools, 4 Leader (Flagship) schools and 3 Learner (Core) schools, will participate in a Leader/Learner model to support the development and implementation of NGA enhancements.
  • Networking/professional learning opportunities for NGA teacher leaders and administrators

The NGA Enhancements include the following models:
  • Teacher Leadership: Team Leader Model and NGA Coordinator & Distributed Teacher Leadership Model: Develop vision and assume responsibility for operating NGA through curriculum instructional activities that support students’ successful transition to high school.
  • Data-Driven Collaborative Response Teams Model: The systematic integration of student data and common planning among interdisciplinary teams of teachers who have students in common.
  • Active Community Partnerships – Board of Directors Model: Develop community support in the form of a Ninth Grade Academy Board of Directors.

District Contacts:

Ann Evans, Project Coordinator, NGA Enhancement Development Project, HRD, 754 321-5027

Linda Medvin, Task Assigned, NGA Enhancement Development Project, HRD, 754 321-5039